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A Better Tomorrow 2018


A former smuggler attempting to start his life anew and repair his relationship with his estranged brother after his release from prison.

Brotherhood of Blades 2


In the Ming dynasty of China, Shen Lian, a secret police of corrupt government, is trapped by the conspiracy on a mission. He goes in search of Being Zhai...

Caught in Time


A detective leads a task force to take down a murderous gang of thieves who has a notorious background in serial thievery and killing.

Chasing the Dragon 2


Chasing the Dragon 2: Wild Wild Bunch is an action-packed thriller, based on real-life crimes that terrorised Hong Kong in the 1990s.

Cloudy Mountain


A county in China was devastated by an earthquake and a group of brave people sacrificed themselves to save the town and trapped residents.

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