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Dying to Survive

Drama, Comedy

2018 | 1 h 56 min

Director: Wen Muye

Cast: Xu Zheng, Wan Chuanjun, Zhou Yiwei, Tan Zhuo, Zhang Yu


"Dying To Survive" is the record-breaking box-office social drama, based on a real-life story, which lauds a Chinese businessman for circumventing big pharma and illegally importing cheap generic medicine. A popular winner of over 35 film and festival awards, 'Dying To Survive" humorously and humanely describes the terrible reality of impoverished CML cancer patients unable to afford $70,000 a year worth of a life-saving meds. The drug Gleevec (called Glinic in the film), known as a miracle maintenance drug that allows some leukemia patients to reach a natural lifespan, is manufactured in India as a generic for a mere fraction of the cost. The film tells the true story of a small businessman who began smuggling the drug into China from India until he was apprehended by the police. The films incredible popularity ultimately influenced Chinese Government policies regarding cheap generic drugs for leukemia patients.


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Dying to Survive
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