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The Procurator

Crime, Action

2022 | 1 h 52 min

Director: Alan Mak

Cast: Johnny Huang, Baihe Bai, Likun Wang, Qianyuan Wang, Shaofeng Feng


University professor Xia Wei finds herself at the center of a shocking crime, and as the public outcry grows, pressure mounts from all sides. Enter prosecutor Li Rui and his team, who quickly discover that this case runs deeper than anyone could have imagined. With the wealthy businessman Chen Xin and a long-buried secret thrown into the mix, the web of deception and corruption threatens to ensnare everyone involved. As Xia Wei remains silent, her defense lawyer Tong Yuchen battles it out with Li Rui in court. With unexpected twists and turns at every corner, can anyone tell who is truly good or evil? As the crisis unfolds, lives hang in the balance in this thrilling tale of justice and betrayal.


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The Procurator
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