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Too Cool To Kill


2022 | 1 h 49 min

Director: Xing Wenxiong

Cast: Ma li, Wei Xiang, Chen Minghao, Zhou Dayong, Huang Cailun, Gao Haibao, Han Xiao, Sun Guiquan, Quan Rongbiao, Xu Meng, Allen


While pursuing his lifelong dream of landing a starring role, amateur actor Wei Chenggong (Wei Xiang) receives an invitation from famous actress Milan (Ma Li) to play her leading man, “Killer Karl.” However, unbeknownst to Mr. Wei, the new gig has landed him directly in the middle of a dangerous conspiracy. As the brutal truth inches closer and closer, he is left to rely on only his good luck and (somewhat questionable) acting skills to survive.


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Too Cool To Kill
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