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Cyber Heist


A cyber security engineer (Aaron Kwok) develops an AI program that could bring down the entire network with catastrophic effects.

Too Cool To Kill


It stars Wei Xiang as an amateur actor who is invited to play a leading role in a film and ends up drawn into a dangerous situation.

Cloudy Mountain


A county in China was devastated by an earthquake and a group of brave people sacrificed themselves to save the town and trapped residents.

Almost Love


Zhou Can and Yu Jiao Yang are very different in every way but as the two meet and form a very close friendship, they stay together until...

Embrace Again


EmbraceAgain focuses on the stories of common people, and how they stood up forthemselves and each other during this dreadful time

Detective Chinatown


After being rejected from the police college, a man travels to Bangkok where he and an energetic distant relative must solve a murder case.

Lighting Up The Stars


A funeral director accidentally crosses paths with a girl which brings about an unexpected change in his attitude towards life

Railway Heroes


A historical story of an enemy fighting the wits and courage of a brave group of ordinary heroes known as the “Lunan Railway Brigade”

I Am Not Madame Bovary


After being swindled by her ex-husband, a a café proprietor takes spends a decade petitioning the Chinese legal system.

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